There are billions of pieces of unique equipment in Nigma that can be equipped to a player’s character, all affecting the performance and appearance of the character in battle. Equip heavy armour and heavy weapons to deal big damage and be protected, or play a hit and run style by equipping a rapid fire weapon and a light armour set to move quickly. The choice is all yours!
Equipment has many attributes that may influence visual appearance, gameplay stats, and additional effects, with some pieces being more powerful, rare and valuable than others.
Equipment can therefore have varying effects even within the same category, allowing you to tailor your character to any play style you prefer.

Free Equipment

For the metaverse to really grow there shouldn't be an upfront payment required to play. That's why we'll be providing players with free gear to play with from the start. There will also be ways to grow your inventory, obtain more free equipment, and upgrade it using resources acquired by playing the game, like in any regular Free-to-Play game.
The free equipment cannot be turned into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) though, and it will have significantly less crypto-earning capabilities than NFT equipment.

NFT Equipment

Thanks to blockchain technology and NFTs, players can own their game assets. You will not only be able to play, but you are able to use them to earn Crypto Currency, trade items or even sell them. All of those hours spent on improving your character and items will now have a monetary value associated with them.