Nigma will be monetized with different revenue streams as follows:
  • Deduction of 7% of buying $ENGM
4% Marketing
3% Development of Metaverse
  • Deduction of 10% of selling $ENGM
4% Marketing
4% Liquidity
2% Development of Metaverse
  • 5% fee on trading equipment on a secondary market
  • Share of $ENGM staking rewards that will be based on $ENGM staked in a Treasury by the company
  • Occasional NFT sales

Share of staking

The company will have its own $ENGM that may be staked in a Treasury. We will regularly distribute non-staked $ENGM from the Treasury among all parties who staked their $ENGM. If the company has any $ENGM staked then it gets the share of distribution according to its stake size.
Cooperation with external advertisers
Our game provides a certain number of places for advertising, where external advertisers can be placed. These can be billboards, drawings on the walls, or signs on passing cars. There are plans to make a full-fledged advertising platform with an internal auction.

Occasional NFT sales

We will generate revenue from the sale of the initial game assets (in a form of Boxes) and possible new asset additions to the Nigma metaverse such as new equipment categories, character animations, characters, and other customization options.

Tournaments fee

There will be competitions in the game where contestants will have to have buy-in in tokens to enter. We will take a commission from each buy-in, and all the rest will form a pool prize for a tournament.

Rewards pool refill and other distant activities

At some point in the future, some part of the non-staked Treasury $ENGM will be moved towards the Playing Rewards pool to refill it to keep rewarding players for playing the game. This source may be also used for some other activities if necessary and beneficial for the whole ecosystem.