Total supply: 1000000000
Play-to-earn: 44%
Liquidity: 15% (locked 12 months)
Presale: 30%
CoreTeam: 4% (locked 12 months)
Marketing: 6%
Advisors: 1%
  • Tax Buy = 7%
  • Tax Sell = 10%

Token economy

The goal of our economy is to bring financial profits for active participants joining the Nigma ecosystem with two main important missions:
  • Provide incentives for more participants to interact with Nigma and to create a strong internal circular economy.
  • True digital ownership and governance to push the limits of player-owned economy and larger gaming ecosystem.

Ticker: ENGM

How will $ENGM provide a healthy ecosystem and maintain the token value?
To protect ENGM’s financial value, we’ve provided various liquidity pools, and in-game systems to burn ENGM and maintain a steady volume.
  • There are various in-game systems to burn ENGM such as NFT characters lifetime cycles, characters leveling up, and activating bros code and hidden links
Limited number of NFTs ensures a limited number of ENGM available. Within a controlled environment among actual players, ENGM quantity and value are effectively preserved.


How will the NFT’s value be maintained?
Always The number of NFT Characters is limited, which helps to maintain the demand for characters.
  • Only players who own a NFT character and participate in cryptobattles can earn $ENGM and $GIM as rewards.
  • No more characters will be issued, without a governance among our community
  • Each character will have a different lifespan. After the lifespan is extended several times through various modifications, the character dies.
  • We will burn all characters with irreplaceable lifespan to prevent oversupply.