Nigma is built as a Play-to-Earn game at its core. While you can jump right into the fight with 4 free-to-play characters and play on equal terms with other players, you will need an NFT character to start receiving rewards.
Both $GIM, the in-game token of Nigma, and $ENGM, the utility token for Nigma, will have utilities in and out of the game to assist your journey as a Nigma member. You can cash out what you have earned or reinvest it back into your character to challenge higher leagues and tackle greater rewards.
The amount of $ENGM obtainable from each battle depends on the 3 following factors:
  1. 1.
    NFT Character Grade : Higher grade characters have higher yield rate
  2. 2.
    League Tier : Higher tier compete over a larger prize pool
  3. 3.
    Battle Result : Winners are rewarded more generously than the other
In Nigma ecosystem players, eventually, will be able to earn in the following main ways:
  • With no money invested into the game, players will be able to earn with skill, but it will take time and mastery
  • The faster way to start earning is to have NFT Character that grants earning after match out of an earnings pool
  • As holders of NFT equipment, players will be able to trade their assets on the marketplace, and create new items
  • As holders of $ENGM, players will be able to stake them in exchange for a portion of the regular distribution of funds from the treasury
There are many more ways to earn and have fun in Nigma that have already been planned. With the growth and evolution of our metaverse, there will be even more possibilities that we currently don't even know about!
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