Ecosystem Token $ENGM


ENGM token ($ENGM) is a BEP-20 token used within the Nigma metaverse: equipment purchases/sales, buying nft characters, buying modifications for extended lifespan, etc. It will be accompanied by a secondary token - $GIM. Additionally, the $ENGM holders eventually will be able to stake them in the Treasury and participate in votes.
To create a sustainable metaverse that allows long-term user adoption, we carefully chose our partners and designed our tokenomics to be aligned around long-term vision. We will also collaborate with market makers to mitigate risks even further.
The supply of 1B $ENGM will be minted with the purpose of financing the early development & expansion of the game, and rewarding the initial batch of users & the team. We will perform a series of sales to have funds to use as liquidity to list $ENGM on exchanges.
  • Currency for NFT Marketplace
  • Minting new NFTs
  • Staking $ENGM to yield $ENGM as rewards
  • Rewards of Community Events, Games.
  • DAO Governance in the future