3D multiplayer shooter powered by blockchain technology

Nigma - multiplayer 3D shooter with the ability to earn for everyone.

Welcome to Nigma, a metaverse developed on the blockchain! Nigma is a decentralized gaming ecosystem, in which you can actively participate.
The project is part of a new generation of video games in which users can earn cryptocurrency for their contributions to the ecosystem. These types of games are known as ‘Play and Earn’ and have recently grown in popularity.

As a user of the Nigma metaverse, you can earn in the following ways:

  • Playing Matches against other real or AI players
  • Progressing on multiple paths such as Battle Pass
  • Completing Events by participating in the metaverse's activities
  • Selling equipment that you are improving by playing matches
  • Creating new equipment and then selling it to other players
  • Selling resources that you are earning by playing the game
  • Staking your characters when they are free of the match
  • Taking part in community activities and helping the metaverse to evolve
  • Taking one of the prizes at the end of the monthly tournament. (ПЕРЕВОД)
  • Catching limited giveaways

Battle with and against friends PvP is at the core of Nigma. Achieve victory with your team

Enjoy quick and intense battles to earn what you came for. Our 5v5 cryptobattles will motivate you to work with your team and destroy your opponents together.

Make it to the TOP rank. Higher ranks yield more rewards. Keep challenging beyond the limit

Be the disruptive one in the scene and you will be renowned for your accomplishments. Strategy in and out of the game will help you climb the ladder and lead to a greater chance of earning rewards!
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